Xihuuli Commune

A small shantytown covered by rotting hide and hole ridden tarp on the eastern fringe of the Eastern Hillside District. The streets are filled with garbage and trash and the buildings themselves (which can barely be called such) are simple lean-tos made of conglomerations of metal, wood, and stones. This commune has clearly fallen on hard times which has caused most people to avoid it and its inhabitants, the Kobolds.

The Xihuuli Commune was founded only thirty years ago by their late chief, Strixthasy thanks mostly to the insistence of his adviser, Siyarcin who was considered by the chief to be his link to the gods. The Kobolds weren’t readily accepted by the rest of the city as one might expect. Crime was ripe for the first few years and the Kobolds were in danger of being expelled from the city. It was by Siyarcin’s urging that Strixthasy’s people seek new ways to earn their keep…which of course would be easier said than done. However after another year or so the Kobolds seemed to get the idea and started seeking simple jobs rather than resorting to stealing and looting. Many found jobs within the Industrial District as porters and umbrella bearers for those caught out in the acid rain.

Then Ibashanter came promising a greater life for all Kobolds provided by his “living god,” Uoinota’Ixen, The Hellfire. For the next nine years, the Kobolds were encouraged to return to their old ways and they once again began stealing, killing, and looting during which time, the wealth of the Xihuuli Commune skyrocketed. Many skirmishes were fought but they almost always ended with victory for the Kobolds thanks to their dragon ally. Finally, a strong resistance was formed and the dragon, and its herald, were slain. In the turmoil, Strixthasy was also killed.

Since then, over a span of about seventeen years, Siyarcin, the once adviser, has led the Kobolds as chief and has enforced a strict “my way or die” policy. The Xihuuli Commune has fallen into disrepair and poverty, though many Kobolds still find menial jobs to earn coppers a day. Crime is still a problem, though it mostly occurs within the commune itself causing the grand majority of the citizens to stay clear. Even the Crossguard have abandoned their outpost in the commune letting the responsibility of judgment and punishment to Siyarcin. Fortunately, Siyarcin is a fair person and often punishes crime in his commune severely meting out retribution with harsh penalties; banishment, execution, and enslavement being chief among them.

Xihuuli Commune

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