The Vigil

The city of Crosswinds is vast and very populated. The Crossguard cannot police the entire city for lack of numbers so many crimes would go unpunished. At least, they would without The Vigil. When the city first started to spread, before the collapse of the Weastern Hillside District, a mercenary group, known as The Vigil, could be hired to do what the Crossguard could, or would, not. If a crime was too petty or well hidden, The Vigil would step in to seek justice for those that were wronged…and could pay for their services. This lead to a butting of heads between Habrok, the leader of The Vigil, and Boragnor, the ruling lord of the time. Boragnor accused The Vigil of being vigilantes with no regards to the law. Habrok didn’t dispute this, but argued that the city was in need of just that, people not bound to the letter of the law that can help the citizens. Boragnor could not simply order the disbanding or banishment of the group as they had become hero’s to the citizens and he feared a riot, one which he didn’t have the man power to quell.

After weeks of negotiations, Habrok and Boragnor came to an agreement. The Vigil would be allowed to remain active in Crosswinds though their members and missions would now be bound by certain important laws to protect the citizenry. In addition to this, they must never turn down a job (unless it would require them to break the laws that bind them), even if the person requesting it could not pay them. Furthermore, every member of The Vigil, including Habrok himself, must spend two weeks out of the year in service with the Crossguard in the barracks of the new communes. Lastly, The Vigil must always defer to the Crossguard whenever their paths would cross thus maintaining the superiority of the Crossguard as the legitimate policing force of the city.

It didn’t take long for the requests of The Vigil to pile up. Combined with the fact that their numbers were smaller due to their members working with the Crossguard, they soon couldn’t keep up with the demands of the citizenry. It was at this point that Habrok sat down with Boragnor again and talked about expanding The Vigil from a mercenary company to a vigilante recruiting facility.

To this day, nearly 700 years later, The Vigil, with a branch in four out of the five districts, remains as a recruitment office for bands of vigilantes who wish to help maintain order in the city, as well as earn a nice profit for the higher paying jobs a good company attracts. Each company must still obey the stipulations agreed upon between Habrok and Borgranor and each member must have a badge of office denoting that he works for The Vigil and to which band he belongs to. This is necessary as there are over 50 different bands employed by The Vigil today.

The Vigil

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