Rules for Players

When making a character, I would like it if you could all choose core races for your first characters. All core and base classes will be available, though since this is mainly an urban campaign, barbarians, druids, rangers, and witches will be somewhat out of place. Not off limits mind you, you will simply find it difficult to fit in unless they have an urban archetype (which I know both druid and ranger have). I would like it if players could leave a comment on what kind of character they want to play so we can attempt to have a well rounded group. Note that this is not absolutely imperative. I want everyone to play characters they will enjoy and there will be some sandbox elements to the game. If the group doesn’t exceed at combat, role-play, or puzzle solving, I will adjust the encounters accordingly. Still, having a heads up would be nice so please post.

For ability score generation, we will be using a point by system. Using this point buy calculator. will make things much easier. Please be sure to use the top calculator (Pathfinder) and not the bottom one (DND). Simply choose your race, and purchase ability scores until your total reaches 25. You may lower your ability scores to gain more points, but you cannot lower any ability score to less than 8.

Non-evil characters would be preferable…preferable to the point of “For the love of God, don’t make an evil character!!!” That being said, I would also like you all to worship a deity…I don’t care which one, so long as it isn’t Lamashtu or Rovagog. Cults following these deities are not welcome in the city and will often be met with violence. I have no such compunction about the other evil deities, though keep in mind that outwardly worshiping them may lead to infamy within the city…there are no laws against it…but people won’t exactly be lining up to be your friends (or even associates). Click here for more information about the Pathfinder deities. Please choose only from the list of “major deities”.

Lifestyles will be available (leave comments or emails if you are interested or need more information) and, depending on your race, you can live in any district except for the Golden District.

Professions are suggested as there will be downtime in the city…while there are plenty of things to do, there won’t be much in the way of day to day action. Have something for your character to do in the downtime. Other skills such as Survival and Swim will be less useful in a primarily urban campaign, but there may be the occasional spelunking adventure that takes you out into the wilds.

Your character can have two traits and we will be using the Hero Point system. If you enter your character with an interesting and detailed background, you will begin play with an extra Hero point. There are out of game ways of earning more Hero points as well such as actively counting ammunition for their missile weapons such as bows and crossbows (for going that extra mile), or buying dinner for the group. These are not set in stone, but players who go out of their way to make the game more enjoyable both in and out of game will be rewarded. Both traits and Hero points are outlined in the Pathfinder SRD.

I believe that is everything…if anything else comes up I will post it here or in a House Rules section in the wiki. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns just leave a comment on this page or email me. Once you accept the invitation I will send you an email from my personal account if you don’t already have it. Hope to see you all in game and have fun!

Rules for Players

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