Crosswinds was once the capital city of a now dead kingdom. Originally built atop a large hill, it was meant to be a trade hub as it lies between four other major cities and is along the route of Sovrengard, the city in the sky. At one point, for a no longer remembered reason, nearly half of the hill it was built on collapsed creating a precarious plateau that the remainder of the Golden District balances on the edge of.

The city is organized in tiers with the Golden District sitting at the top of the plateau. To the North, East, and South the plateau gently slopes downward over a large distance on which the Northern, Eastern, and Southern Hillside Districts are located respectively. East of the plateau, where once another gentle slope existed, is now a somewhat flat area where the ruined half of the Golden District crumbled with the earth. The Shade District was built over the ruins as a large living area for many of the cities permanent inhabitants.

Ringing the city are numerous smaller communes most of which are isolated and self-contained. Many of these communes were made due to a large population of a particular race or tribe migrating to the city for trade and became a permanent settlement along the outskirts of the city proper. These communes are free to govern themselves so long as they follow certain guidelines and laws of the main city. Below is a list of some of the stipulations involved and accepted by every commune:

  • Entrance or exit of the city proper cannot be prohibited. If the leaders of each commune deem it necessary, all visitors may be escorted through the territory, but under no circumstances are they to unlawfully forbid anyone from entering or leaving the city of Crosswinds.
  • Punishments regarding slavery, murder, and other crimes, as well as what constitutes as a crime, are left to the commune’s leaders to determine in regards to citizens of the commune. However, all communes are expected to follow the laws, as well as their repercussions, of the city proper in regards to anyone not residing in the commune.
  • While members of the commune are inside Crosswinds proper, they will follow all city rules and regulations as well as submit to all repercussions for breaking them.
  • Under no circumstances are communes to harbor criminals of the city of Crosswinds. If a known criminal is hiding out in the commune, it is the commune’s responsibility to alert the Crossguard to their presence or face punishment befitting the city’s laws.
  • The commune is expected to provide a measure of wealth in the form of taxes every month to the city proper. Tax collectors may be requested to come to the communes if its citizens are unwilling to enter the city, but evasion will be dealt with based on the laws of the city. In exchange, numerous city functions, such as the Crossguard, are extended to the communes as well.


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