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Skills, Limits, & Blender: A Disclaimer Story
First off, while what I do is technically ‘Art’ I’m not actually an artist. I’m not very creative, however, I can replicate and reproduce. It should also be noted, that I am still learning, mostly the controls & features of the program itself, and therefore won’t get everything perfect. However, this doesn’t mean I don’t want complex requests, or that I don’t want requests at all. The more requests I get, the more practice I get, and the better and more skilled I become. So feel free to drop requests, even non campaign requests, however campaign requests get priority. Because Tony is Awesome, period.

Model Options:

  • Mesh Shaping – Reference images cover this.
  • Positioning – The relevant placement for objects. Ex. Sword on hip? on Back? Note: This can be done after model is complete.
  • Composition – What its made from, you can be specific oak/pine/steel/aluminum/iron/wool/leather/crystal/etc – or vague, /metal/wood/fabric/etc.
  • Specular & Diffuse: How it looks under light, shiny/dull/reflective
  • Engraving/Etching/Decals/Tattoo – You can draw these by hand, or search for images. I’d prefer the image to be solid-color or close too it. Other images will be difficult to process, and may not be guaranteed. But ill still try.
  • Condition: is it rusty? Brand new? Stained with blood? Let me know

Reference Images:
These images, provide me with the information I require to process the shape & positioning of the mesh. Images can be of anything, and from anywhere. They can be hand drawn, taken with a camera, or found on Google images. Simply state what you want from that image. An object can be made from multiple different images, by combining traits. For example, tapering of a clamore, shaped like an ax, and serrated like a saw blade.

Advanced Information:

  • Models will be rigged for posing.
  • Mesh can be re-used for other models
  • Mesh will be UV unwrapped
  • Models & Mesh can be extracted from games if desired.

When you have your images, place them in an ZIP and email them to

If you have any questions at all, please pm me and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Examples & prototypes can be found on this DeviantArt Page

Models themselves are available if you want them. Do with them as you like. You can find the program I use at, its free to download and use.


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