Hive World

The Ivory Chalice

Regius Celeritas, a Half-elf from the Arcane District occasionally takes contracts from forges in the Industrial District for certain substances that aid them in their work. Regius boarded the elemental monorail to bring his employer his latest batch.

Makkyr Sparkthief, a Human from the Shade District with certain natural magical talents, boards the elemental monorail in hot pursuit of a group of Goblins and Hobgoblins after watching them board moments before. He is unsure of their intent, though there has been some trouble with their sort recently and he has taken it upon himself to make sure they bring no more hardship to the citizens of Crosswinds.

Levi Andrezi, a Human acolyte to The Vigil, is given his first mission; Levi is to assist The Ivory Chalice, a veteran Vigil group, by heading to the elemental monorail station in the Industrial District and keep his eyes open for any suspicious activity. Supposedly, a group of Goblins and/or Hobgoblins are going to be causing trouble again and they want to make sure nothing happens to the monorail as it is always filled with civilians as well as being the only method of fast mass transportation in the city.

As this is a joint operation between the Crossguard and The Vigil, Levi is attached a new recruit, known only as Tom, from the Crossguard to partner with just in case the Goblins try anything with the monorail.

As the monorail pulls into the Eastern Hillside station, Regius disembarks and Makkyr follows as the Goblins do the same. Just as the group of goblins exits the station and comes into view of Levi and Tom, an explosion occurs back inside the station killing many civilians and dealing massive damage to the train and the station. Of course mass panic occurs as the citizens outside the station all try to scramble away from the Goblins that are assumed to have caused the calamity.

Turns out, they assumed correctly. The Goblins unsheathe weapons and move to cut their way through the crowd in order to escape just as The Ivory Chalice and a group of Crossguard come charging up the street after a larger horde of Goblins accusing them of simultaneously destroying every monorail station in the city. Levi and Tom quickly jump into action as does Makkyr. Though this seemingly has little to do with Regius, he joins the fight anyway for his own reasons.

Just after finishing the Goblins off, (thankfully with no further civilian casualties) a small group of one Hobgoblin and two Goblins dart in the unlikely group’s direction if only to escape the slaughter that the combined efforts of The Ivory Chalice and the Crossguard down the road. Thanks to the combined efforts of the group, they Goblins are slain and the Hobgoblin is taken alive for questioning.

The Ivory Chalice then escort the group to the local Vigil headquarters believing they deserve a reward for their efforts; a belief that The Vigil agrees with. While already there, Levi requests another mission right away and is given a charity mission (an unpayed job that all acolytes must do as a sort of probationary period) to find the missing ring of Armond Alucard, an influential member of the Transportation Department of the Industrial District. At the same time, Regius decides to join The Vigil…at least for now. After quickly reporting to a superior, Tom gains permission to go with them as well as Armond is supposedly good friends with someone of high ranking in the Crossguard. Makkyr opts to travel with them for now as well though refusing to actually join The Vigil. While only sanctioned vigilantes are permitted in the city, The Vigil allows Makkyr to go with them assuming (incorrectly) that Regrin, a retired Vigil member that they are attaching to the group will keep an eye on him as well.

The party arrives at Armond’s house but are warned by his man-servant that he is in a foul mood. The party are asked to wait in the foyer which is adorned with many works of art of some value. After a few moments, they are escorted to see Armond. It was then that Makkyr saw an opportunity to separate from the group and…express his dislike for men in Armond’s position of power. While Makkyr was strategically defecating around the house, the rest of the party spoke with him about the incident in which Armond’s ring was stolen.

Apparently, business had called him away to another of the hives so Armond hired a Vigil unit, the Guard Dogs, to watch his place and protect his property from intruders and the like while he was away. Upon returning, he was informed that only a single incident occurred; a small group of Kobolds had entered the house. While the Guard Dogs slayed the majority of the creatures, at least one must have escaped as Armond had discovered that a copper ring with many inexpensive gems had been stolen by them. The gem, while worth a decent amount of money, held much more sentimental value to Armond and, after exhausting all other options, must once again put his faith in the Vigil.

It was at this time that Makkyr turned up, wearing nothing but one of Armond’s silk robes, asking how everything was going. He was ejected, naked, from the house afterwards, of course, but he was happy with the outcome as his…work…was already complete. After the party negotiated for his clothes back, they set out for the Xihuuli Commune east of the district in search of the ring.

When arriving at the shanty town, the party encountered a rowdy bunch of Kobolds that seemed to have a problem with Vigil personnel. The party made quick work of them leaving only one alive which they held by the scruff and ordered to show them the way to his chieftain, Siyarcin. After a shuffling through the winding littered streets, they reach the only building in the commune not made of an amalgam of old wood, hide, and metal.


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