The Tattered Cloak of Elias Manabane

A cloak worn by a man who fought the magic of the Wilds.


Cloak of Resistance +1

Grants a +1 resistance bonus to all saving throws.


Elias Manabane was hired by the Arcane College to help capture or kill rogue wizards or sorcerers who used their magic for nefarious tasks. Granted a supply of magic dispelling equipment, and trained in combat techniques specifically meant to counter casters, he became an important man and a lesser known public hero. Eventually re-tasked to help quell the shamans from the wilds, he met his end by their spells as his equipment and training was less tailored to this strange form of magic. While most of his equipment is now stored at the college, some of his less powerful and damaged items were sold at an auction held in the Gold District; his nearly ruined cloak among them.

The Tattered Cloak of Elias Manabane

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