Grund Vengryn

A supposedly holy hammer forged by Torag.

weapon (melee)

Grund Vengryn was one of three hammers forged by Torag and gifted to the Dwarves of the world by his emissaries. Known as the Hammer of Justice, it was given to the Undi’thrynaz clan to help govern the dwarven race. It was passed down to the leaders of the clan until the Wilds became harsh and forced them out of their mountain homes. With their clan scattered, the majority found their way to Crosswinds and settled down promising to help build up the city and defend against the wilds in exchange for sanctuary. Believing their time to govern had ended, they built a mausoleum for their people and once Throngrink, the wielder of Grund Vengryn, passed on, they entombed him with the hammer.

It has recently been gifted to Throtis, a dwarf of another clan, supposedly by the spirit of Throngrink himself. Though it appears to be rusted and pitted, it is still a deadly weapon with the spark of magic within it. Throtis was given this advice upon receiving the hammer: “It responds to a just heart. Invoke justice with this hammer, and it shall reveal itself.”

Grund Vengryn

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