A gnome summoner and professor of conjuration at the Arcane College.


Zarzakute is an accomplished summoner with a bipedal Eidolon that he calls Sindcef. His spells enable him to heal his Eidolon and summon other monsters to do his bidding. The Eidolon itself is capable of grappling with his pincers and his flexible tail which has a mouth at the end can has enough reach to snag an enemy from ten feet away.


Zarzakute is a professor of conjuration at the Arcane Academy. Recently, the survivor of a group of mercenaries who targeted the players identified Zarzakute as their employer stating that he wanted a special breastplate that the party was delivering to Hassar, an alchemist in the Arcane District. Upon relaying this information to the alchemist, the party learns that Zarzakute is actually funding the alchemist’s research. In order to get to the bottom of things, the party agrees to interrogate the gnome.

The interrogation doesn’t go as planned. Despite severe injuries, the party initiates hostilities with Zarzakute resulting in Makkyr Sparkthief’s death. This doesn’t deter the survivors who are now personally invested in this investigation. They plan to have Hassar speak with Zarzakute while they snoop around the college for a new lead.

Turns out, Zarzakute believes he is being framed, and he is sure he knows by who. He asks the party to help a student of his named Erik Penton out of a jam that could result in his death. In the process, the party learned a few things about another professor named Ramanae…the one Zarzakute believes is framing him.

After discovering Erik’s innocence and revealing that Ramanae covered up crucial information, Zarzakute requested that the party then seek out evidence that Ramanae was involved in the sabotage of Hassar’s project and was guilty of framing him. Again, the party discovered the truth and chased Ramanae into the underground maintenance tunnels under the district. When they brought back false proof of his demise, he congratulated them by having his advanced students enchant their weapons and armor with minor magics as reward for their services.

Though he is unaware that the party has switched sides and joined with Ramanae, he is still considered to be an enemy.


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