Tormod Sorenov

A disavowed member of a powerful family and talented evoker.


Tormod is a gifted wizard and recently a student of advanced evocation. He can cast a few higher level spells but still relies on a mix of weaker incantations that are, nevertheless, quite dangerous.


Tormod Sorenov is arrogant and stubborn. While working on an experiment with his friends and fellow classmates, Adassar Giltleaf and Cornelius Shurm, to create a suite of armor that could deflect fire and heat, he constantly demeaned his understudies, but none more so than Erik Penton. Because of this, when a formula error on Tormod’s part caused the suite to nearly cook the test subject instead of protect him, he blamed Erik siting that the underclassman must have tampered with the armor out of spite.

When confronted, Tormod at first stubbornly refused such an outrageous idea that his formula could have been flawed. Once Mason’s spear was at his throat however, he spinelessly blamed his friends for the mistake. Gathon, an Elven professor of history, overheard the exchange and offered to overlook Tormod’s formula with him to solve the problem. Eventually, Tormod’s fault was exposed and he was expelled for his negligence.

After his expulsion, his father, Rurak, disavowed him for sullying his families name. He was took an amount of wealth with him as well as three guards, Alvhien a mindless bodyguard, Simone a cunning and darkly beautiful informant, and Teodora his half-sister and devoted cleric of Nethys. The party located him in the Illusionist’s Muse (a bar specializing in alchemical spirits in the Arcane District) and attempted to reason with him about going with them so they could bring him to Ramanae his old teacher. It degenerated into a short lived violence resulting in Tormod agreeing to help Ramanae.

Tormod Sorenov

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