The current leader of the Xihuuli Commune


Siyarcin is a Kobold Inquisitor of some power. He is very skilled in interrogation practices and can usually determine when someone is hiding the truth from him. His piercing gaze has loosened many tongues.


Siyarcin was once the adviser to Strixthasy, the Kobold chieftain who established the Xihuuli Commune three decades ago. It was Siyarcin who convinced the chief that only joining with others would keep them safe from whatever was happening throughout the world.

When Ibashanter came promising wealth and power thanks to his “living god”, Siyarcin saw into his heart and realized the doom that would befall the Kobold people if this stranger’s plans met with failure. He urged his chief to banish this newcomer, saying that all Ibashanter’s offers comes at a price the Kobolds couldn’t afford. His arguments went unheard.

During the attack of Uoinota’Ixen, The Hellfire, Ibashanter’s “living god” laid waste to the farms east of the city and damaged much of the northern edge of the Industrial District. Siyarcin and a small force of Kobolds he bullied into joining him offered their assistance to the Crossguard providing information and scouts for the counterattack of Crosswinds’s forces.

After the defeat of Uoinota’Ixen and Ibashanter, Siyarcin assumed control of what remained of the Xihuuli Commune. He has ruled them for the last seventeen years with a strict “my way or die” policy. He is strict, and very untrusting of new faces, but he is considered to be a fair ruler by those that know him. He has even earned the respect of The Crimson Slayer despite his prejudiced views to the Kobold race.


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