Shirou Emiya

Human Magus


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Emiya’s motivation lies in three ideals, friends/comrades, his oath, & saving lives.
An anti-hero by definition, Emiya is one who may save many or do great good, but in doing so will have done terrible things and taken much life. To him it is understood that sometimes to save ten, one must die. A veteran of many encounters, Emiya is no fool, though his ideals give him reason to do battle, tactics are important to the success of any campaign.

As a Magus, Emiya focuses on his Arcana, and less on spell casting, utilizing his arcana to make him a deadly fighter with his longsword. Emiya focuses more on versatility than over specializing, thus giving him a way to act effectively in any battle scenario.

Emiya enters battle with a longsword strapped to his back, a leather archers vest covered by a long sleeved chain shirt hidden beneath a thin red long sleeve shirt, accompanied by a red calf length waist coat over flexible leather strapped pants.



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Shirou was born to an average family, whom had average goals. While Shirou was still young, fate brought the destruction of the district in which the boy lived. A fierce battle between two Magus, engulfed the district and its people in an unending inferno. Of the two Magus, only one truly had seen the devastation that he had helped to create, that Magus desperately searched for anyone, anything he could rescue in order to atone for his hand in it. Shirou was the only one he came across.

It would be the expression on the Magus’s face, the sheer joy in his expression. The absolute happiness in being able to save even one person, that would stick with that boy, on the verge of death. He would see the Magus, and wish he could be that happy.

The Magus, an Elf by the name of Aeravel, adopted the boy, abandoning his past and over time, the boy would seek to learn the way of the Magus, yet Aeravel would not impart his knowledge unto him. Eventually, he could resist no more, and taught the boy the basics, yet never truly teaching the boy to use his magic. Several years later the man would succumb to the effects the other Magus inflicted upon him many years ago.

As the years passed, Shirou Emiya would master the power of his Arcana, and in time, even learn to cast the spells he had once sought to bring forth. All the while, facing trials and tribulations on his path forward, doing all that he could to save those who needed him along the way.

As the his journey continues, he is lead to the city of Crosswinds, not know what lies in wait for him within its great walls.

Shirou Emiya

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