Regrin, The Crimson Slayer

The only surviving member of the Slayers vigilante group.


Regrin is an astoundingly capable fighter with exceptional defensive capabilities.


Regrin is the last living member of the vigilante group, The Slayers. 50 years ago he founded the group along with the wizard Yukionna, The Pale Slayer, the paladin Lato Iustitia, The Golden Slayer, and the magus Benduma Feidwof, The Wild Slayer. Their’s was a team specializing in determining the weakness of monstrous creatures and exploiting them to great effect. Originally known as The Iron Slayer, Regrin’s role with his old comrades was to defend Yukionna while she devised a battle strategy based off the groups collected knowledge and abilities.

For a long while, The Slayers were a widely sought after team. This was due to the unusual frequency of wild monsters attacking the city and outlying farms at the time. They banished everything from undead to massive peludas, though they are most known for their contribution in the fight against Uoinota’Ixen, the rampaging red dragon that laid waste to the Eastern Hillside District almost 20 years ago. Unfortunately, this was also the end of The Slayers.

In the end, only Regrin remained, armor blackened and covered in the blood of his allies. Regrin has done several things in memory of his departed friends, including dying his armor blood red (which earned him his new title). In addition, he wears the amulet of Yukionna, bears Lato’s shield, and dons Benduma’s bracers. He is somewhat melancholic but offers to help train new Vigil members and often works with newer groups until they get the hang of how The Vigil works.

He is considered a hero, not only by The Vigil, but by the whole city of Crosswinds, though when addressed as such, he often hangs his head claiming the true heroes already dead.

Regrin, The Crimson Slayer

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