Regius Celeritas


Regius is the product of an unusual relationship, between a young traveling elven
merchant and an herbalist. Regius was raised in a small peaceful human settlement until
his ninth year, And while most of his youth was spent learning the profession of his
mother or assisting the residents of the small settlement he spent what time he had to
himself immersed in the world of knowledge and learning. However, such a life did not come without burden. As the years progressed, the beasts and creatures of the wilds that would come to claim there lives, grew stronger and stronger. For a time, they could match the creatures in combat, and come out the victor. But all good things must come to an end, and on that day, the beasts swallowed the settlement whole. Few escaped, and fewer survived long enough to find safety. Of those few, was Regius.

For years, Regius traveled, unable to find a place to call home. Eventually he realized
that no place could ever replace the home he had lost. Abandoning his quest for a place of his own, Regius sought to immerse himself in the fragments of his past he still possessed, the comfort of knowledge and learning. And so the boy began his travels.

Over the years, he would encounter many new books, scrolls, and faces. However it was those new faces that would prove the most informative. Some faces were remembered in fondness, and others with less pleasant thoughts. Each face, however, brought with it a new lesson or skill, some good, and some, not so much. He learned to keep himself distant from others, letting only what he wanted others to see be shown, to display the emotions and thoughts that would get what he wanted. Some would be swayed by honeyed words, and others with words of truth or wisdom, and a few simply needed several inches of sharpened steel.

After many years, and much traveling, the boy had become a man. A cautious but friendly man, whose travels had tempered him in the ways of the world, gifted with the small fragments of knowledge his life of wandering had seen fit to give him.

Regius now finds himself in the great city of Crosswinds, and for reasons not even he understands, decides to stay.


Regius Celeritas

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