A gnome wizard and professor of evocation at the arcane college.


Ramanae is a powerful evoker (wizard specializing in evocation). He has a strong penchant for harmful spells and has been known to favor the acid, fire, and electric elements. He often uses these as magical traps and deterrents for things he considers private or extremely valuable.


Ramanae teaches advanced evocation at the arcane college in the city of Crosswinds. He supervises many experiments and encourages his students to pursue methods of defense against their own spells. According to him, “Knowing how your powers are defeated can teach you more about your powers than roasting an entire commune.” He is a rival to Zarzakute and the two often fight over contracts as investors in developments from outside the college.

Ramanae is believed to be framing Zarzakute for an attack on one such developer’s daughter. The party have been investigating Ramanae and have found that he purposefully overlooked a student’s error that could have resulted in another’s death. He also seems to have an unhealthy interest in one of Zarzakute’s contracts (the very one he is supposedly framing Zarzakute for attacking) and has been acting very strangely since the party ransacked his house for evidence. Things aren’t looking good for him.


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