Makkyr Sparkthief

The Stormborn Sorceror


Makkyr is a young human male with long dark braided hair, and cold blue eyes. He has a short black beard, which he scratches when thinking. Makkyr doesnt care for anyone to know of his sorcerous powers and as such takes steps to dress as a wanderer in a dark hooded cloak and broad brimmed, pointy hat.

Makkyr is a headstrong young man with a superman complex. He refuses to let anyone down, and as such often bites off more than he can chew. But his intuition,strength and steadfast refusal to back down has often gotten him out of the problems that they got him into in the first place. He refuses to accept “impossible” and never backs down from a challenge.


Makkyr Sparkthief is a human sorceror of storm elemental descent. Abandoned at birth, Makkyr was raised by a small commune. Throughout his childhood he was apprenticed to a tinkerer named Goddard, and has learned much of the trade. But since he reached his majority he has discovered some information that has lead him to believe his parents did not abandon him after all. So now he seeks more information about their disappearance. and to that end has entered Crosswinds

Makkyr died at the hand of Zarzakute while pursuing a lead.

Makkyr Sparkthief

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