Levi Andrezi

Human Fighter (tank)


Tank build fighter centering around Strength and Con.


Levi grew up as the eldest son of a wealthy merchant family. Despite his families best efforts, he never did particularly well in his studies and never took interest in the business. Deciding once and for all that he needed to pursue his own dreams and ambitions, he became something of a free-lance mercenary and strong arm working for several of the cities guilds, ironically those he knew through working with his father. He gained some notoriety and was recruited as a member of The Vigil. Because of Levi’s business connections, underworld contacts, and fighting ability, he has moved up the ranks of the organization quickly.

In his down time, which there is considerably more of now than when he first started out, he does custom smithing. As a child it was the one thing he took interest in, and he spent hours in his great uncle’s workshop learning a great deal from some of the finest craftsmen in the city. Over the years, he developed and perfected his own style and finds the work both satisfying, and quite lucrative. He specializes in mainly gilded blades used for ceremonies or gifts, but the occasional suit of armor is not out of the question. Because it is not his primary job, and because he gives a cut to the appropriate people, the guilds don’t mind when he takes work.

Levi Andrezi

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