Dwarf paladin of the Undi'Thrynaz clan. Clan crypt-keeper.


Korbesh is an honorable paladin trained to defeat the enemies of his clan. He has a particular distaste for undead, though that likely stems from his families duties as clan crypt keepers. He is very blunt, as most dwarves are, and very honest. He is quick to temper and combined with his capable martial skills, he can become a very dangerous opponent. He is equipped to handle most types of undead and has been blessed by Torag to be both resistant to their attacks and immune to their diseases.


Korbesh is a paladin of the Undi’Thrynaz clan of Dwarves. Once chosen by Torag as the governors of the dwarven race, the Undi’Thrynaz have since diminished in both number and power since the Wilds began to grow rampant. After the construction of the clans mausoleum in Crosswinds, Korbesh and his family were chosen as their crypt keepers and have honorably guarded their tombs against would-be grave robbers. His hatred for necromancers and their creations is shared by his family who equip themselves well to handle most types of undead.

Recently, Korbesh began having prophetic dreams involving him entering the tombs only to be pushed out again by the deceased members of his clan. He realized that there was no malice in their attempts to remove him, but worry and fear. The smell of decay was very vivid and ahead there always seemed to be a looming darkness despite the torch he carried. After a few nights of these dreams, he consulted his clan who dismissed his “visions” as simple nightmares. Due to his persistence that they send some clerics into the tombs, his clan finally caved, allowing Korbesh himself to enter the tombs so he could see for himself that his dreams were just that…dreams. Unwilling to go alone, he requested aid from another clan who sent Throtis.

Together, the two entered the deeper tombs where they dispatched a necromancer and many of his minions which included both living and undead Kobolds and raised clan members. Afterwards, the pair were visited by the ghostly specter of Throngrink, the last wielder of the legendary Grund Vengryn. He pulled them into his secret burial chamber where he gifted Korbesh with the armor he wore in life stating that Korbesh stayed true to his duty and his clan, both living and dead.

After returning to the surface, Korbesh pledged himself to Throtis, saying if he ever needed help, he would be honored to fight by his side again.


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