Halfling who helped the Guard Dogs vigilante group pull a heist during a job.


Hedregen is a capable fighter but focuses more on his ability to lie and sneak his way out of trouble. He is a veritable expert with all but the most complex of locks and above standard gear set him apart from the common thugs and pick-pockets of the city. He has a good imagination and often considers several ways of attempting the same task before choosing the one that offers the least resistance or threat. Hedregen has multiple aliases but his currently known ones include Flich, a male gnome with a light blue hair and a sharply trimmed beard, and Jezzie and attractive female halfling. At least a few of these can be attributed to the Hat of a Thousand Faces as many of his disguises utilize some form of headgear. A capable liar, only those trained or experienced in spotting lies are able to call his bluff. For one so experienced in false truths, he is remarkably unable to catch others feeding him false information. This has led to more than one set up which has made him if not completely paranoid, inherently distrustful of others.


Hedregen, aside from being wanted for other smaller crimes, helped a Vigil group called the Guard Dogs pull a heist on their employer at the time, Armond Alucard. While he is not a member of the Guard Dogs, he was hired by them, supposedly for his ability to “lock down” an area as the Guard Dogs were hired for an extensive time. At the time, he was hired under the persona of Flich, a somewhat eccentric gnome with a penchant for strange chemicals. It is unknown if the Guard Dog Soveless even knew he was hiring a wanted criminal though the Vigil considers it likely as he was eventually hired for his true expertise, safe cracking. Either way, it wasn’t until after the heist that the Vigil found out, thanks to the investigations of the party, that the extra the Guard Dogs had contracted was actually Hedregen and by that time he, and the rest of the Guard Dogs, had disappeared.

Hedregen, or at least someone who knew of his aliases, was spotted at the Illusionist’s Muse in the Arcane District. Disguised as the female halfling Jezzie, Hedregen was sitting at a corner table with a mug of ale keeping watch at the door. The party knew from previous interactions with her, that she was looking for someone due to a somewhat illegitimate reason. Assuming the person to Hedregen, they initiated contact once again. After trying her patience, Jezzie made to leave but was stopped by Levi Andrezi. After a lengthy interrogation in which virtually none of Hedregen’s lies were able to take root, he eventually attempted escape under the ruse that he was taking them to the real Hedregen (for whom Jezzie was working). Unfortunately, a gust of wind picked the wide brimmed hat off Jezzie’s head revealing the actual Hedregen which led to a chase through one of the busier streets of the district. Eventually, the group cornered him in the streets where he gave up and truthfully answered any questions they asked as, “It (just wasn’t) worth it anymore.” Afterwards he was apprehended and brought to Vigil HQ.


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