Erik Penton

A young student of beginners conjuration at the arcane college in Crosswinds.


Erik is still a beginner, able to cast a few summoning spells among others. He is physically weak but possesses an incredibly sharp mind.


Erik is a student of Zarzakute and was rcently the understudy of Tormod Sorenov for an experiment where Tormod and his friends, Adassar Giltleaf and Cornelius Shurm, in which they attempted to infuse a suit of armor with the ability to repel fire and heat. Unfortunately, during the testing, the subject wearing the armor was nearly cooked inside once the armor was activated. Erik was blamed for sabotage because he was always bumping heads with Tormod in hopes of a more proactive role in the creation of this armor. Because of this accusation, Erik would have to duel Tormod in an Arena of Nethys to prove his innocence in the eyes of the god of Knowledge and Magic.

Thanks to the investigations of the party, it was discovered that Erik was innocent and that Tormod’s formula was, in fact, at fault. Erik was spared the ordeal of the duel, and is now resuming his studies.

Erik Penton

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