Armond Alucard

The guild leader of the Transportation Department of the Industrial District.


Armond is considered to be an aristocrat of low to mid rank. He may have some combat training, though it is believed to be negligible at best.


Armond Alucard is the second in command of the Transportation Department of the Eastern Hillside District. Due to the guild’s standing and his rank within it, Armond has become a very wealthy man. Despite this, he desires nothing more than to become the leader of his guild. He lacks initiative however, as he has become accustomed to his cushy lifestyle and would stand to lose much should his guild falter in any way. His rank also burdens him with the responsibility of guild representative which has extended his political standing due to which he owes his close friendship with the head of the Crossguard, Lord Marshal Marasil. On the flip side, Armond must often travel to other cities when meetings are called to share production notes, new technologies, and plans.

Before his latest trip, he hired The Guard Dogs, a vigilante band from The Vigil, in order to protect his domicile and all his belongings. While reputed to be quite capable, he nonetheless returned to find that a group of Kobolds had managed to break in and that they had stolen a ring of some importance and value to him. He blamed the vigilantes of course, and after exhausting all other options, he found himself turning to The Vigil once again for assistance in locating and returning his missing ring. After a few days of investigating, a group of Vigil acolytes and their associates managed to track down the ring and, with the help of Lord Marshal Marasil, return it to it’s rightful owner.

Armond Alucard

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