In the world of Titanicus, wildlands, wilderness, and wastelands have grown rampant throughout the world. The last bastions of civilization are the Hives, huge metropolitan cities spanning miles of conquered land. Always must the encroachment of the wild be kept at bay, but that is not to say that there isn’t plenty of danger inside the cities themselves.

Your home is Crosswinds. It is unique in that no other city in the world of Titanicus has the sheer variety of peoples that call it their home. Virtually every race of humanoid, and some monstrous humanoids, claim some small part of the city as their home. From the five sprawling districts and the countless isolated communes, many cultures can be encountered and enjoyed in this metropolitan melting pot.

The city sponsors many technological and magical advancements, from the development of guns, to the trans-district elemental monorail. Each of the five main districts sports numerous points of interest and holds its own distinct culture. From the lively unpredictable streets of the Arcane District, to the sturdy creative guilds of the Industrial District, there is a little someplace for everyone to fit.

Of course, every city has its secrets. Rumors abound about an enigmatic den of thieves, a mercenary company that rivals the strength of the Crossguard, and of a destructive force as old as the gods sleeping within the confines of the ever growing metropolis.

Keep your wits about you adventurers, in Crosswinds, the untamed wilds just outside the city walls are the least of your worries…

Hive World

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